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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yesterday evening was Kim graduation rites, the rites was successful and enjoyable.

I like to share some of their programs. Hope you’re enjoying watching the videos and viewing the pics. How I wish to share to you all, and to my family, how Kim enjoy her graduation and her
Award and Gift from the School, what she has achieved on her school days at IGS..Gesamtschule Mutterstadt...Integrierten

Here is the videos which she has participated:

Hip-hop dance from graduation

Kim and her classmate has a small speech/play

Kim received congratulations-greetings from her teachers and her honouring document from the Minister of education.

A posed after receiving her award n gift.

She´s proud showing her Gift to us.

kim with her Award, given by the Principal

a posed with Malou......

After the program, we went only to an EisCafe................here is some of our posing.....

After our ice cream, it´s the time that sascha, arrived from their school fieldtrip, and here´s a pose again....................

I share also our Photo Album, please click this album of Kim, taken at the Stage:

And this is also our foto album, the pics. taken at the graduation of Kim, please click....


hope you enjoy viewing our pics, and you have time to view it......
thanks for visiting us always and share our happenings too.

By the way, i forgot to share this, because of I always taken some posing in every corner, here is the posed of bernie:

Have a nice 'Sunday to all.......................Thank you very much to all...............

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